This is a Drupal 8 website that I built for a running group that I helped start called Front Range Cross Country. We are a group of trail runners that run a wide variety of distances and runners of any ability are encouraged to join. We wanted a website to be visible to runners in the area looking for a community. We wanted the website to advertise our upcoming runs and activities. I built the website to have a standard blog, but also pull in activities from our Facebook page. In addition, the header pulls in Instagram posts from the group as a background. Ligature Creative provided a design, and I built the website off of the design.

Strava App

I am a very active person and I make heavy use of Strava to log activities that I do. Strava is a very innovative running/cycling/etc social network that helps bring people together and provide encouragement. They have a ton of useful features such as segments where users can compete for top spots, as well as a compare option where you can compare yourself against other users or against a previous performance from yourself. With all that Strava has going for it, it isn't that great at displaying reports of data, at least in ways that I want to be able to see the data. Since Strava provides an API, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I developed the app in Silex, which was chosen partially because it is a microframework that uses Symfony components. I built out some charts and graphs pages that use a javascript library called highcharts. I also built out a page where you can discover stats such as "What was the most miles that I've cycled in a 7 day period?" The source code is available on github.

MyFantasyLeague Drupal Module


MyFantasyLeague Drupal module pulls in fantasy football league data from the myfantasyleague.com public API and displays it on your Drupal website. It is valuable for people who have a Drupal website and also play fantasy football on myfantasyleague.com. It allows them to display their league standings, weekly results, and live scoring on their website.